Arts Council England and National Lottery back dazzling design project for young people in Lymington


St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery, working with SPUD Youth, has received grants from the Arts Council England and the National Lottery for an innovative design project to mark the First World War Centenary. Young people will have the opportunity to work with a professional artist to ‘Dazzle’ a boat thanks to the funding, which was awarded through ACE Project Grants and the HLF’s First World War ‘then and now’ project.

Local youngsters will learn about the fascinating history of Dazzle, an artistic way of disguising or disrupting the outline of a ship used during the First World War. They will then work with artist Harrison Alcock to create a Dazzle pattern of their own, which will be painted onto a boat loaned especially for the project. Painting will take place at Lymington Yacht Haven in August.

This project runs alongside the major exhibition, Dazzle: Disguise and Disruption in War and Art at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery until 23 September which explores how Dazzle patterning was used to confuse U-boat commanders and led to several thousand ships going to sea as the largest painted modernist ‘canvases’ in the world covered in abstract, clashing, decorative and geometric designs in a myriad of colours. A digital record of the work produced by this project will be kept and an online archive created and made available to the public.

A complimentary series of workshops for all ages will also be taking place at St Barbe, where participants will work with the artist Carlos Cortes to create Dazzle patterns and designs in a variety of media.

Commenting on the awards, Rosalyn Goulding, acting Director of St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery, said: “Thanks to National Lottery Players we will be able to run an exciting and ambitious project that will both teach young people about an important part of their history and produce a Dazzled boat that will catch the eye of all passers-by.”

Michelle Roffe, Head of HLF South East said: "We are delighted that thanks to National Lottery players, we can support the Lymington Museum Trust to bring the use of Dazzle Design during the First World War to life for young people in Hampshire."

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