Milestones Museum

Venue information

Leisure Park
Churchill Way West
RG22 6PG
01256 639550

Explore what life was like for Hampshire people in the past by wandering through Milestones’ old cobbled streets. And as you wander round you may also encounter some of our costumed characters…

Enthusiasts will enjoy our collection of beautifully restored vintage vehicles - and so will kids of all ages! The Thornycroft gallery includes new interpretative displays, artefacts and a different layout of the vehicles. From Victorian trams, lorries and a Romany caravan to classic motorbikes and vehicles from the 1930’s and 40’s come and admire our beautifully restored vehicles.

If you prefer shopping you’ll be able to discover what shops used to be like before chain stores took over. You’ll probably recognise some of the things they sold, while others might leave you scratching your head about what they were actually for.

Head to the Penny Arcade on Milestones’ Pier for some seaside fun of yesteryear! The kids will enjoy playing on all the old games machines including mechanical puppet shows, Test Your Strength, Grand National, table football and many more.

Buy an old penny and ration coupon at Reception and spend it in our 1940’s sweet shop to buy your own sweet ration. Or pop into The Baverstock Arms, our small traditional pub in Jubilee Street, which opens at lunchtimes to serve teas, coffees, soft drinks and Gales ales. We occasionally even have a pianist tinkling the ivories.

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